Past Students

  • Nicolas van Kempen ’20, BS in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics

    Nicolas earned his bachelor’s degree in spring 2020. He completed an undergraduate research project on f-quandles up to isomorphism (a continuation of my dissertation research) and we submitted a paper titled “Classifications of f-quandles and their low dimensional Cohomology” which is accepted to publish in SPAS2017 Volume 2-Algebraic Structures and Applications (2019).
    He studied singular knots and worked on finding an invariant of knots. We were able to secure some funding from  “Research Fund for Chemistry and Math/Science Student Award) and continued our research over summer 2019. Nicolas did a poster presentation titled “2-Cocycles Invariant and Oriented Singular Knots” for RISE (Research and Individualized Student Experiences) at SUNY Oswego on September 13, 2019.  
    He deliver a talk about “Cocyles Invariant and Oriented Knots” in MAA Seaway sectional meetings, Ithaca College, NY in November 2019.
    We continued working on our paper and are planning on submitting a paper titled “2-Cocycle Invariants and oriented Singular Knots” to a peer reviewed Journal in August 2020. 
    He accepted a graduate student position to start in Fall 2020 at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst – PLASMA Lab.
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  • Nathan Caldwell ’20, BS in Adolesc Ed 7-12 Math, BA in Mathematics.

    Nathan earned his bachelor’s degree in spring 2020. He completed an undergraduate Capstone project on “Quandles and Alexander Polynomials in Knot Theory.”
  • Caleb Tobin ’22, BS in Physics and Applied Mathematics

    Caleb earned his bachelor’s degree in spring 2022. He was a double major student who did his mathematics capstone titled “Calculus behind the Development of an Improved Apparatus for Observing Compton Scattering”. He accepted to RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, to pursue a Masters of Engineering in Sustainable Energy commencing in February 2023